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Phoenix Marathon

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Member Since:

Dec 02, 2013



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

800M : 1:48 a few times in 2011

1500M : 3:48 CAL Berkely

10K : 30:10 NCAA Regionals Cross Country took 18th

Half Marathon: 1:08 TOU Half , 1:08 USA Half Marathon Championships

Marathon: 2:26 St. George Marathon

Short-Term Running Goals:

Break 2:23 in the Marathon in 2014

Break 1:06 in the Half Marathon in 2014

2014 Schedule

Ice Breaker Tri (March 29th)

Boston Marathon (April 21st)

Utah Valley Marathon (June 14th)

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon (July 12th)

Deseret News Half Marathon (July 24th)

Hobble Creek Half Marathon (Aug 17th)

Top of Utah Half Marathon (Aug 24th)

Top of Utah Marathon (Sept 21st)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Break 2:20 in the Marathon

Get as close as possible to Olympic Qualifying standard


I am married to my amazing wife and have an 8 month old daughter who will soon be walking!!!

Family is huge to me and their support is key in progressing in my running career.

I run for Skechers Elite Performance Team and I am doing all that I can to make them proud!!!


I train with Ogden Crew:

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Skechers Ride 3 (HOU) Lifetime Miles: 350.00
Skechers Ultra Blue Lifetime Miles: 186.00
Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Lifetime Miles: 279.95
Go Speed 2 (Gold/Grey) Lifetime Miles: 41.50
Go Speed 2 (HOU) Lifetime Miles: 122.90
Skechers GoRun 4 (RD/BLK) Lifetime Miles: 132.50
Total Distance
Skechers Ride 3 (HOU) Miles: 15.00Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Miles: 92.00Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 69.00
Race: Phoenix Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:24:52, Place overall: 2
Total Distance

 On my way to the race I was just excited that it was not raining as the weather report said there was a 90 percent chance of rain. I met up with Riley and Dave and we loaded the buses. As we got off of the bus it was cold and very windy. We sat down on a bench and watched many people try and sneak onto the shooting range and this guy was getting mad at everybody who got close.

We took a few bathroom breaks before we started. As we were going to the starting line, we did not get a warm up in and I did not stretch very much. We were more worried about staying warm and going the bathroom. About a minute before the race starts it starts to rain. I was thinking oh crap, I hope it does not rain hard the entire race. It rained for about 10 min or so then it stopped and was on and off the rest of the race.

The race started off really slow and there was about 10 guys at the front. The race was windy and Riley and I decided to switch off taking the lead so we could draft off each other. About mile 5 or so we had another guy with us and he was drafting off of us as well. I was thinking to myself who is this dude? Can he really run with us the entire race. Riley told me before the race that he wanted me to run with him through the first half of the race. Up until about mile 13 we continued to switch off the lead every half mile or so. Around mile 15 or so I saw my family and got a huge adrenaline rush and dropped a very quick next mile then I ended up suffering for it.

Riley passed me around mile 16 or so and I tried to go with him but my legs would not move any faster. I kept looking down at my watch and thinking to myself dont die, stay around 5:30 pace as long as possible. It was around mile 22 that I started to fade really bad and I kept looking back to see if anyone was coming up to pass me. The last 6 miles or so I had to weave in and out of half marathoners I was not a fan of that it through off my rythem and made it harder to keep a solid pace. I am really happy I went as fast as I did as long as I did. At St. George Marathon I died to around  6min pace for the last 6 miles or so. Where as this race I only died the last 4 miles. I know if I increase my mileage I will be able to finish the race around 5:30 pace. I was very happy with this race and know that it was a great learning experience and better races are to come.

Splits went 5:28, 5:22, 5:27, 5:17, 5:36, 5:46, 5:13, 5:19, 5:14, 5:16, 5:19, 5:22, 5:29

14th to 26 5:21, 5:14, 5:17, 5:23, 5:27, 5:30, 5:30, 5:27, 5:36, 5:44, 5:57, 5:56, 5:56

Total Distance

7 miles on my road bike. Prob converts to 2 miles or so running. Legs feel a little sore.

The calves are the tight part, my thighs and hamstrings are not that bad.

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Total Distance

Easy 2 miles running with the crew. Walked another mile with Riley and Dave to loosen up the legs.

3 total miles

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Total Distance

Ran 4 easy miles on Mt. Road.

Interesting part about todays run was that it was harder than the Marathon.

My legs thigh's and calves felt sore and heavy. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Today I realized I will be racing this year many more times compared to last year.

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Total Distance

Cross trained by road biking for 17 miles. Some hard and some easy. Biking is helping me get ready for my first TRI the end of this month!

I convert that to about 6 miles of running. Got the legs burning!

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Total Distance

Paced Amy Cook with Dave during the Strider's 10 mile race at the Dee.

Legs felt super heavy but I am happy I ran in a little pain, so I can get use to that at the end of the race in a marathon.

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Total Distance

Ran 13.5 miles with Dave, Riley, Jon, and Bret.

My legs felt really heavy from the 10 miler on Saturday. I have not fully recovered from the Marathon just yet. I hope I recover soon, I hate running slow and not feeling good.

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Total Distance

I ran a 2 mile warm-up on the treadmill.

Then I ran Mile Repeats

1. 4:57

2. 4:56

3. 4:56

4. 4:55

5. 4:52

Felt pretty good. Legs still felt a little heavy. My quads are still a little sore.

I went and swam for a while for a cool down. Then I ran 5 min straight in the pool to practice for my Tri in a few weeks. I am not a good swimmer at all. It is going to be rough, good thing I can bike and run!

Total of about 8.5 miles

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Total Distance

Easy 8 miles on Mt. Road. I finally feel like myself again. I feel that I got my legs back after the Marathon and now I am excited to train hard for Boston.


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Total Distance


I met up with John Coyle to Run an 8 mile Aerobic Builder. We started it off with a 3 mile warm-up with a few strides.

I averaged 5:32 pace for the 8 mile AB which is ok. I am happy about as it shows me that I did not lose fitness as I cut back on mileage last  week as I was recovering from the Phoenix Marathon.

It gave me confidence that I will only get faster as the year progresses. I may not run my Aerobic builders fast, but I know that I could run them faster if I ran them in the light instead of the dark.To make up for that, I need to make sure I do plenty of speed in the light.

We finished up with a 2 mile cool down. As we returned to the cars, we did 4 100 meter accelerations.


I biked with Bryant 20.5 miles on our road bikes. It was a pretty chill and easy ride.

I convert the 20.5 miles biking to about 5 miles of running.


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Total Distance

Easy 8 miler on Mt. Road

Legs felt ok, I am feeling the Aerobic Builder a little from yesterday.

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Total Distance

I ran with Riley and Ben around South Weber and Uintah. We ran easy for 12 miles then ran a fast finish last three miles. Workouts like this is exactly what my body needs. I need to get my body use to running fast at the end of race and running fast when the body is tired. The first mile I felt ok and I knew I needed to make this push as quality as possible. When we hit the hill I slowed down a great deal. After it became flat I got my legs back under me and decided to push the rest of the run as much as I could. I was happy with how the workout turned out. I am going to start doing 100 meter accelerations at the end of my runs to help increase my speed and get my legs use to running fast when fatigued.

My splits were 5:22, 5:29, 5:23

Skechers Ride 3 (HOU) Miles: 15.00
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Total Distance

I met up with members from the Ogden Crew including Dave, Riley, Bret, and Jon to throw down 20 miles. As usuall I dread the long runs but after about 12 or so it gets much easier as we get into a solid rhythm. Today went well we ran through south ogden and uintah. Average pace was 6:36 per mile so we were going at a pretty good pace.

Legs felt suprisingly good on the run. I think I am slowly getting the body use to the longer runs.

I have many to come as I want to be around 100 miles a week if possible in the next few weeks before the Boston Marathon.

Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Miles: 20.00
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Total Distance

When I left for my run I was little nervous how I would feel after yesterdays 20 miler.

As I went outside in my new Skechers Ultra's I felt really good. It felt as if I only went a few miles yesterday. I am getting in better shape as my body is recovering faster and faster after each long run.

This run got me super excited for Boston as I am improving and feeling better and better about my distance runs.

Easy 10 miler on Mt. Road, I went to the Lagoon trail and then back home.

Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 10.00
Total Distance


Met up with Bret and Jon at 21st pond to throw down some solid mile repeats.

We ran a 2 mile warm up and then got started on the beast. Mile Repeats

They were 5:12, 5:09, 5:10, 5:10, 5:10, 5:12, 5:11, 5:10

I ended up avg 5:10 pace I am very happy with that. The most mile reps I have ever done before is 6 and today I accomplished 8. The rest was about where it has been in the past, 90 seconds inbetween each rep. I feel that I am getting faster and it is getting me more and more excited for Boston and this summer's races!

We ran a 2 mile cool down after.

PM- I took the baby out in the stroller, went 4 miles pretty chill.


Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Miles: 16.00
Total Distance

What happens if I am asked to Baby sit our Baby?

Wait until 6:30 to run or Go run with the baby in stroller.

I put Jamillie in the Stroller and went for the longest stroller run ever. Luckly my wife had put a bottle of water with my running stuff that saved me. I met her at Farmington Jr. High and jumped on the rail trail and ran that to bountiful. Wind was at our backs going out and in our face coming back.

12 miles pushing Jamiliie it seemed to go on forever. We averaged about 7 min pace but I had to stop a few times to give her food, water and put a blanket on her.

Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 12.00
Total Distance

Easy 10 miler on Mt. Road. Behind my knee is hurting a little bit I have streched it a good amount I hope it feel better tomorrow.

Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

2 mile Warm-Up

The goal for today's workout is to run 20x400's around 67-69 pace per 400. 90 seconds rest in between each rep.

As I started these they felt really easy and then they slowly started to get harder and harder.

They went like this........

67, 67, 66, 67, 66, 66, 67, 66, 67, 66, 68, 66, 67, 67, 67, 67, 67, 67, 65, 64

My knee did not hurt so I was very grateful for that. I am feeling like I am getting in better and better shape and this is still the best shape I have ever been in while training for a Marathon. It is super encouraging to have such great workout like this. The best part was that I ran it all alone, I know with people these workouts are much easier.

5 mile cool down

12 miles total for the day

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Total Distance

Met up with Bret to go for a long run.

I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night so I felt really tired and felt like I had no energy.

We were around 6:30 pace or so for about 15 or so miles then I faded a ton. Bret took off and I ran the rest of my run alone around 7-7:20 pace rest of the run. I averaged 6:55 pace for 21 miles. I felt like I was starting to feel little aches and pain's and decided it was not smart to go the full 22 miles as planned.

Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Miles: 21.00
Total Distance

Easy 10 miler on Mt. Road

Legs felt a little heavy after yesterday's 21 mile run. They slowly started to feel better at the end of the run.

Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

AM- Easy 3 mile Warm-Up

We did an 8 mile Aerobic Builder. This morning it was Bryant and Bret and I.

I averaged 5:39 pace per mile. Not fast but not super slow. It was a little windy, it is usally not windy when we run this route.

We did a few mile cool down to get me to 13.3 miles for the day.

PM- Easy 6.2 miler on Mt. Road, lower ankle started to feel a little weird. Right under the inside ancle bone.

Total for 19.5 miles today

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Total Distance

AM- Easy 6 miler on Mt. Road

PM- Easy run pushing Jamillie in the stroller for an easy 8 miles

Feeling a little tired but not bad. I am getting nervous for my Tri on Saturday but as long as I go top 10 I wil be happy! Bone below ancle bone is still a little sore. Weird it only bothers me first mile or so then the soreness goes away.


Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 14.00
Total Distance

AM- Easy 6 miler on Mt. Road

PM- Easy 10 miler on Mt. Road

Felt ok, foot is still having a little pain under the ancle hopefully it goes away soon.

Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 16.00
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Total Distance

Today was my first Triathlon of my life!!!

I woke up and was super excited to race but also very nervous. I did not sleep very much last night as we went to bed late and I kept thinking about the race. As I arrived I met up with my Step Brother in Law and set our bike's up in transition and got ready for the race. 

I started in the 3rd wave of swimmers as I was guessing I would swim around a 6-6:30 min for 300 meters. As I jumped in I wanted to go fast so I did by about half way down the first lap I ran into 2 other slow swimmers who would not move so I had to sit behind them. Made me mad as I think I could have went faster if they got out of the way. Swim was about 6:55 or so.

As I arrived at the bike took me a while to slip on the jersey and put biking shoes on. I went out really fast and got into a solid rythem first quarter was uphill so I was at around 12 miles an our when it leveled out I was about 18 or so MPH and for the downhill I got to 30 MPH. We did 2 laps to reach the 12 miles. I felt really good about my bike, I only got passed by about 5 people and they all had super nice bikes. As I got off my bike I ran it into the transition area. A guy carried my bike and followed me to drop it off, he was all you look like a runner and I said yup thats my main event.

I put on my running shoes and GPS and was off super fast. First little bit my legs felt like jello a little heavy after the bike. It was the same loop as the bike so I knew it was going to be uphill for the first little while. I was able to manage a 5:33 which is not bad for an uphill mile. Second mile, was flat with a little uphill and I went 5:22. Last mile was al downhill and I went 5:00 min. To go 15:56 for a 5k after a 300 meter swim and a 12 mile bike is pretty good, I was happy with it.

PM- I had to go another 7 miles easy on Mt. Road to hit my 90 for the week. If I converted the 12 mile bike and swim I would have been about 95 miles but I wanted to just show pure running in mileage.

The Sprint Triathlon was called the ICE BREAKER TRI and I highly recommend it. It was fun and very organized. My overall time was 58:38 which put me 9th overall and 1st in my age group.

Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 7.00
Total Distance

I met up with Bret about 4:50 and we ran 9 and half miles before we looped back to pick up Jon.

The run went pretty well, I felt that my legs were feeling the TRI from Saturday I was doing pretty well for the first half then legs started feeling pretty tired and heavy. Bret wanted to go fast so he took off and I ran with Jon until the last 4 miles or so then he took off as well. For me the run was not about running crazy fast, it was about finshing it at a decent pace. I accomplished just that, I averaged 6:55 for the entire 25 miles and the last 4 miles or so were between 7:20 and 8:00 pace as it was uphill not the best way to end a long run.

Today was my last long run before the Boston Marathon and I am very glad about that. My legs are starting to feel the longer mileage at this time. The best part is the pain I was feeling around my ankle last week has disappeared and went away. It is a maracle I was getting very worried about it. I can't wait to start to taper and drop mileage my body will think it is in heaven.

Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Miles: 25.00
Total Distance
Skechers Ride 3 (HOU) Miles: 15.00Skechers Ride 3 (BLK) Miles: 92.00Skechers Ultra Blue Miles: 69.00
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